in 2002, the day before my twenty-first birthday, i signed with Maverick Records (Warner Music Group) along with my bandmates in Story of the Year. under the wing of John Feldmann, we recorded the songs 'Until the Day I Die', 'Anthem of Our Dying Day', and 'Razorblades' for the upcoming release of our debut album, Page Avenue. i was, however, replaced with a high school friend, Phil Sneed, before the album would make it to shelves.

i eventually went back to writing pop-punk songs and mocked up the band Princeton to perform the songs live around St. Louis. along with band members Jordan Phoenix (Lummox), Paul Newman, and Brad Devine, we opened up for larger acts like Wheatus, Ludo, and Family Force 5. in 2007, one of my songs "LvUrFR3NZ" (originally named "Ki11UrFR3NZ") was picked to be released on the Halo 3 Original Soundtrack. it was published under the band's name Princeton.

i was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2020. i will be the fifth person in the world to have my cells edited using CRISPR and reimplanted back into my body to hopefully recognize the cancer and kill it.

  i love:
my wife and kids
my job
good movies/tv shows
playing Halo
taking baths
rice krispy treats